The 1st NFT Community to Fund Satoshi Statues

Meme Token is live on Solana!

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Satoshi Golf Club is a meme on Solana and a collection of 10,000 PFP NFTs – unique digital collectibles. Owners will gain total access to the inner circle of like-minded collectors, entrepreneurs, visionaries and millionaires.

In Satoshi We Trust!

We are all Satoshi!

We started to live in an unfree world, but Satoshi gave back our freedom! 

Each Satoshi Golf Club NFT is unique and programmatically generated from 40+ different traits & types. They’re inscribed as Bitcoin Ordinals but the presale meme tokens are on Solana.

They symbolyze that anyone can be Satoshi regardless of origin, gender or beliefs, while they’re also a status symbol of freedom!

Through the national backgrounds (USA, EU, India etc.) hodlers can show their proud identity or cult to the world.

Try your luck to get the rarest one!

Reserve your Bitcoin Ordinal


Buy Satoshi Meme Tokens on Solana

To reserve your Bitcoin Ordinal you have to buy Satoshi Meme Tokens on Solana.


Get a free Bitcoin ordinal at launch

Satoshi Meme Token holders on Solana blockchain will get free Satoshi NFTs inscribed on Bitcoin when public sale starts.


Public Mint for 0.0021 BTC

The public minting will start at 0.0021 BTC, already booking ~100% profit for the early investors. Afterwards the Satoshi Golf Club collection will be traded publicly on NFT marketplaces like Magic Eden and

Satoshi Golf Club Meme Token

Pssst, holders will be eligible for coin airdrops & other perks...

Reserve your Bitcoin Ordinal by being a Satoshi Meme Token holder!

Simply just buy a Satoshi Meme Token to reserve your Bitcoin Ordinal before launch.

Participate in the presale minting and book 100% profit compared to the public mint price. There will be only 10,000 NFTs inscribed on Bitcoin.

Join our mission and make history with us!

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Welcome to the Satoshi Golf Club

A private club that only Satoshi NFT holders can gain access to. Hodlers benefits and offerings will increase through roadmap activations.

Satoshi Golf Club early access icon

Early access

Get early access to new products, airdrops and future NFT releases. Also you can put your hands on Limited Edition tees & hoodies.

Satoshi Golf Club Community icon

Inner Circle

An insider group with like-minded individuals from around the world. Exclusive giveaways, opportunities and special insider events.

Satoshi Golf Club discounts icon

Freebies & 21% off

Get a free poster if you own minimum 5 Satoshi Golf Club NFTs shipped for free. Get also 21% off from our merchandise and future perks.

Key Milestones

To mint a Satoshi Golf Club NFT on our presale, you have to be on the whitelist by owning a Satoshi Presale Token! Or you can mint afterwards at a higher price.

When 21% of the NFTs are sold we’ll honor 21 early adopters for trusting us with NFT Airdrops & freebies and we will also launch our merchandise store with limited edition merch.
Then we’ll donate 50% of the income (from the NFT sales with a Ukranian flag) to Ukraine to provide help for children and families with immediate aid.
Finally, after the memecoin airdrops for the HODLers we will fund Satoshi Statues all over the world to honor and spread Satoshi’s creation!

Join a vivid community with the best cryptominds and make history with us!

Pre-Launch: Whitelist & Minting
Early Adopters Airdrop (21 NFTs)
Exclusive Merchandise Store
Donation to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund
Memecoin airdrop for the NFT hodlers
Satoshi Statue funding

Income allocation

We are building the Satoshi Golf Club brand for the long term so the majority of the NFT sales goes back to the community!


Future product developement


Marketing budget


Project's costs & freebies


Team share

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Meet The Team

On a mission with a big vision. Feel free to get in touch with us on any platform!

Woman Satoshi NFT

Anna / marketing & graphics

Marketing and community manager. Digital marketing specialists and crypto enthusiastic.

Man Satoshi NFT

Paul / Developer

Just a typical geek behind the computer. Code is law for Paul.

Satoshi NFT with glasses

David / Developer

5 years of experience in blockchain! Typical coder with no friends, no life.

Satoshi NFT with cigar

Adam / Advisor

Just a big BAYC fan with too many ideas. Insider in many NFT projects.

Anonymus Satoshi NFT

James / Dev & design

A true believer, founder and crypto enthusiast. Even wrote his thesis about crypto in 2018 & his book is on the way.

Ape Satoshi NFT

Simon / Project Director

Project director and brand strategist. Worked in business consulting. Loves being a sovereign man.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Satoshi Golf Club is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and unique NFT art. They will be stored as TRC-721 tokens on the TRON blockchain and hosted on BTFS.

You can either buy a Satoshi Presale Token for 21 TRX or you can earn one by being active on our channels or by promoting Satoshi Golf Club. The Satoshi Presale Token will be on the TRON blockchain so you don’t have to worry about high gas fees.

We want to give a fair opportunity to everyone to join our whitelist! If you don’t have time or energy to actively participate in our channels but would love to join and support our mission, then you can just buy a Satoshi Presale Token.

But we would also like to honor if you are active or you share, retweet us. In that case you earn a Satoshi Presale Token too.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” which are unique digital items that are stored and encrypted on the blockchain that people can buy, own, and trade. NFTs can simply be digital art but can have various benefits. They can be treated like membership cards where holders get exclusive access to things like websites, events, merchandise, and more.

After each Satoshi Presale Token you can mint 5 Satoshi Golf Club NFT for 150 TRX each. If you own more Satoshi Presale Tokens, you can mint more NFTs. Maximum 5.000 NFTs can be minted during presale! The rest of the collection will be sold during public mint at a 40% higher price for 210 TRX.

You have to be whitelisted by owning a Satoshi Presale Token to take part in the presale. When the presale launches you can mint NFTs on this website by connecting your Tron wallet. After presale we will conduct the public sale at a 40% higher price. NFTs will be publicly available on Kraftly afterwards.

The exact date is not decided yet but it will be at the beginning of January 2023. Follow us on social media and don’t miss the minting date!

The presale mint price will be 150 TRX and the public sale price will be 210 TRX. The Satoshi Golf  Club will be minted on the TRON blockchain.

The Satoshi Golf Club’s mission is to be a status symbol of personal sovereignty and freedom regardless of your origin, gender or beliefs. We will fund Satoshi statues all over the world to honor Satoshi’s creation!

1. Sign up for a Tron Wallet and download the extension on your internet browser.

2. Make sure you have enough Tron in your wallet to cover the total cost including fees.

3. On mint day, there will be a Connect button at the top of our website to connect to your wallet. Please note that only whitelisted wallets can mint an NFT at presale at a discounted price.

4. Click on the Mint button and you will be prompted to sign for your transaction. There will be a fee associated with every transaction related to fees.

5. Once you have made your purchase, your Satoshi Golf Club NFT will appear in your wallet and later on Kraftly!

You can DM us on Twitter or on Instagram.

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